Company Profile

Telmap is a world leader in mobile location-based services. Telmap has established a solid reputation for providing its customers, the mobile operators, with innovative, value-added location-based services that enrich on-the-go experiences through integration of local content, community interactions, and relevant offers, in order to generate new business opportunities and revenue streams.
With the market now fully primed for mobile location-based services – due to 3G infrastructure, availability of advanced, GPS-enabled handsets and a high level of user awareness – Telmap’s unique approach to local search, location-based social interactions, and location-based retail offerings in addition to its extensive expertise in navigation, mapping, routing , content exploration and discovery, perfectly positions it to lead the charge toward mass adoption of mobile location-based services.

Comprehensive and Open Mobile Location-Based Services
Telmap provides unique, end-to-end mobile location-based services that include the Mobile Location Companion, which is the world’s first personalized mobile location companion, serving as the meeting place for all things local, social and personal, a complementary Web Companion, and a Location Platform and APIs to support customers in delivering a strong LBS strategy.
Telmap is all about empowering mobile industry players to offer worldwide mobile location-based services that enrich consumers’ on-the-go experiences anywhere in the world, whether in their cars or on-foot, using a wide range of mobile devices. As such, the Telmap Mobile location Companion is open to premium content from any third party content provider, adding value to each consumer in their respective geographies.
Telmap is the selected location solution provider of leading industry players Orange FT Group, Vodafone, Vodacom, SFR, Telefonica-O2, MTS, SingTel, OPTUS and more.With implementations by mobile operators around the world, Telmap has extensive experience with operators’ legacy systems for provisioning and billing integration. Telmap’s solutions have been market-proven again and again to be successful in creating user awareness, record usage patterns and ultimately revenue for mobile location-based services. This success has drawn widespread industry recognition through multiple industry awards and product reviews in several industry magazines and websites, who awarded Telmap with top scores.

Technology Leader

Since it was founded in 2000 by Michael Pechatnikov at the age of 17, Telmap has focused on developing the most complete and advanced technology for mobile location-based services. This comprehensive technology foundation and the Company’s large, growing patent portfolio, provide a solid basis for Telmap’s technological leadership.

Telmap’s unique approach to location and content provides a robust solution for advanced, feature-rich mobile location-based services on any device, running on any mobile platform, anywhere in the world. As the first to enable a comprehensive cross-platform solution, Telmap client/server technology opens the way for operators, manufacturers, application developers, system integrators and mapping/GIS companies to extend their reach to new markets and customers.

Telmap technology encompasses both the Location Platform on the server side and the Mobile Location Companion running on mobile devices. Telmap’s advanced content technology allows adding new content on the server side and exposing it to users without requiring any upgrade on the mobile client. With its open architecture, and extensive APIs both on the client side and on the server side. The unique Location Platform enables maximum scalability, flexibility and unbeatable application performance. The patented MOND (Mobile Optimized Navigation Data) technology, which optimizes the transfer of navigation and map data, forms the basis for all Telmap’s mobile location-based services. Telmap’s advanced Active Interface and Active Search technologies also enable people to maximize use of their mobile devices on-the-go, in order to explore their surroundings, find things to do and places to be, in the fastest, most convenient way possible. Telmap Active Widgets takes the mobile experience one step further letting the user personalize the Location Companion while providing operators with an opportunity for differentiation with highly targeted and local content.

Market Leadership

Telmap is internationally recognized for its innovative technology, the outstanding quality of its products and services, and its deep insight into market needs and trends
Telmap has been repeatedly recognized with prestigious industry awards. The most recent ones include the 2010 Deloitte Technology EMEA Fast 500 companies, the 118 Award for Best Location-Based Service in 2010 and the 2010 Global Telecom Business Innovation Award.