Case Study

The Company
Pelephone Communications Ltd. is Israel's first cellular phone operator (established 1986), with over 2.7 million subscribers.
Pelephone is the leading company for 3G technology, with over 1.5 million 3G subscribers, and around 40% of its subscribers are using GPS-enabled devices.

Pelephone revenues reached 1.5 billion dollars in 2009.

Pelephone and Telmap Partnership
Pelephone and Telmap have been partners since 2005 when Pelephone launched its branded, customized “Pelephone Navigator” service. The service was pre-installed on all Windows and Brew devices. The service successfully met the challenge of leveraging GPS-enabled devices with mobile LBS services, and in less than 12 months from launch, Pelephone Navigator reached the largest number of navigation subscribers in Israel and achieved a leadership position in the Israeli market with an outstanding 26% penetration rate that remained stable until today. Currently, with over 350,000 subscribers, the service is used on 35% of Pelephone’s GPS-enabled devices.

The Service Today
Pelephone was the first operator worldwide to launch Telmap5, branded "Navigator GPS+" at the end of May 2010. Navigator GPS+ is enriched with a variety of local branded content and advanced options such as Cellular Parking service. Navigator GPS+ users can use it in Israel as well as internationally.

The service is pre-embedded on more than 40 different devices, and will continue to be embedded on each new GPS enabled device that Pelephone will be launching. Navigator GPS+ is included in most of Pelephone’s tariff plans and is also available through a monthly subscription option.

On December 2010 Telmap and Pelephone launched a search, map and route application for non-GPS devices, free of charge to end users, enabling subscribers to use Telmap5 advanced local search and mapping capabilities including all content sources.

The Future
Pelephone and Telmap are constantly working on turning Navigator GPS+ to a one-stop-shop for all of users’ location-based needs on-the-go, with additional local, value-added content provided within Navigator GPS+.

Pelephone Words

Ziv Kesselman, Head of Products and Value Added Services, Pelephone:
“GPS Navigator is one of Pelephone’s most growing and successful services. The launch [of Navigator GPS+] is a result of a lot of hard work over many months, leveraging the accumulated experience of both companies [Telmap and Pelephone] in defining customer needs while on-the-go. Navigator GPS + enables Pelephone to constantly add new content that is automatically updated on users’ devices. In addition, the user experience is now much more interactive, and encourages daily use of the service subscribers."