Location Platform and Technology

Telmap Location Platform
Telmap Location Platform is fully hosted and managed, providing robust, mature and flexible services to support all facets of a comprehensive location offering. It lets operators achieve their vision for a comprehensive location offering facilitating a comprehensive set of location capabilities through a variety of APIs. This enables 3rd party developers to easily enrich their applications and make them location-aware with features such as search, mapping, routing, geo-coding, and location sharing.

Telmap Location Platform can support any consumer and enterprise application from fleet and workforce management to mobile navigation, social networking and more. With Telmap Location Platform as the operator’s hub for Location Enabled Services, subscribers will enjoy a full array of services with a consistent, compelling and branded look and feel, as well as an integrated experience across all the applications and services in the operator’s location offering.

The Telmap Location Platform is able to integrate geographical and descriptive information from various sources in several languages. Additional dynamic content can be easily aggregated from a variety of sources including web portals, traffic channels and on-line directories to create a rich information base that provides the requested content to any application from a single source. These capabilities make the Telmap Location Platform the perfect back end to support any consumer or enterprise location-aware application from mobile resource management to mobile navigation, social networking and more.
Telmap Location Platform’s flexible and open architecture enables the easy addition of new services and seamless integration with mobile operators' existing systems for provisioning, billing and CRM.

Engines & Tools
GEO Engine
The Telmap GEO Engine serves as the Telmap Location Platform’s main engine. The engine is connected to one or more geographical and information databases on one side and the Telmap Middleware on the other. The GEO Engine implements several feature levels specifically designed for use on an "as needed” basis according to application requirements. These include mapping, location search, geo-coding and reverse-geo-coding, and route calculation. Multiple data sources are seamlessly integrated and accessed as a single source of data.

Telmap Middleware
The Middleware is an intermediate component between mobile and web clients and the GEO Engine. It is composed of a set of generic services and an adaptive client-server plug-in framework that enables fast and easy configuration for different clients and servers. The architecture hides the different data provider protocols and formats from the clients and the protocol and requirements of the client from the server. This decoupling results in easy client and server integration.

Back Office Tools
Telmap Location Platform's Back Office Tools are designed to manage, update and present data in the most efficient way possible, customizing the data according to different types of clients. Content can be received from multiple sources and unified into a single database for optimal data management. In addition, Telmap Location Platform’s advanced mapping capabilities ensure that all content and data received through the Back Office Tools are presented in the most user-friendly way possible for display on the highest quality maps.

Administrative Tools
Telmap Location Platform provides administrative tools for logging, monitoring and updates.

Telmap Active Search
Telmap Active Search is an advanced search engine developed by Telmap that greatly simplifies mobile search. This has been implemented in the Telmap Mobile Location Companion and begins with easy access to search from a single access point in the application. All search activities in Telmap Location Companion are done through single-line free-form text entry. All the user needs to do is to start typing a search term to automatically receive suggestions for completion.

Telmap Active Search is all-encompassing, and search operations are carried out on all available data sources. Search results are immediately displayed to the user separated into categories depending on the data source. The technology is flexible and allows new data sources to be seamlessly added to search operations. When a new online directory is added, all searches automatically include the new directory with no update or maintenance required to the Telmap Location Companion which simply displays a new category of search results. This flexibility allows a high degree of customization for search within different implementations of Telmap Location Companion allowing search to be specific to different countries and different customers.

Telmap Active Widgets
Telmap Active Widgets provide a smart way to add value to end users by exposing them to more opportunities and activities while using the Telmap Mobile Location Companion. The widgets are a vehicle to drive adoption, and to generate and increase usage by providing truly customized, local and relevant content and functionality. The Telmap Widgets Carousel appears as an add-on layer to the Mobile Location Companion and is fully flexible allowing new widgets to be added on-the-fly. The result is that users get both a fully personalized experience as they select their widgets and choose from nearby opportunities, social activities or preferred brands and content, and a completely open platform to add new functionality.

Telmap Active Interface
Telmap Active Interface is a revolutionary new mobile user interface engine that Telmap has developed for the Telmap Mobile Location Companion. It has been designed and built from the ground up to be cross- platform, running on all major mobile phone platforms, and light weight so that even low- end, resource constrained devices can enjoy applications with a rich compelling user interface. Telmap Active Interface boasts several pioneering breakthroughs in mobile UI technology that support animations, shadowing, transparency, in-line text entry and more to create an unparalleled mobile user experience.

MOND: Mobile Optimized Navigation Data
As a server based system, the Telmap Mobile Location Companion does not store any geographic data or content, but rather downloads data over the wireless internet as needed. To enhance the navigation experience, Telmap has implemented proprietary technology and optimizes the downloaded data for mobile devices to create a Mobile Optimized Navigation Data set (MOND).

To optimize application responsiveness, the MOND is compressed using Telmap proprietary compression algorithms before being downloaded to the mobile device.
To maximize effectiveness of the downloaded MOND it is used for a number of different functions. These include spontaneous off-route detection and seamless guidance back to route, rendering the moving navigation maps which clearly direct the driver when making turns and correcting errors inherent in GPS readings to correctly place the icon that represents the user's vehicle on the moving map. By using streaming technology when downloading the MOND, the driver is able to start driving within a few seconds (regardless of the total route length) as soon as information about the first turn for the route is downloaded. By storing the MOND data for the duration of the route, the application is rendered independent of the wireless network while on the route. This means that even if there is a drop in network coverage the user will seamlessly and transparently continue to receive guidance to the destination. Furthermore, the user need not worry about leaving his operator's network and roaming into another network, because once all route data has been downloaded no further network connection is needed. Finally, having all the required route data stored on the device within the first few seconds of navigating the route means that the phone is available for its primary function - to make and receive voice calls. At the end of a navigation session, the currently active MOND is removed in order to release device resources.