Mapping and Navigation

Telmap Mobile Location Companion
Telmap Web Companion
Telmap offers a complete state-of-the-art, white-label, hosted and managed solution that includes all facets of a mobile Location Enabled Service (LES) proposition - a Mobile Location Companion, a complementary Web Companion and the Telmap Location Platform. The solution is risk-free, open, flexible and customizable and can be deployed across all mobile platforms and devices. It is specifically designed to support mobile operators in leveraging mobile LES to retain subscribers and consistently drive revenue growth.
Telmap Mobile Location Companion is the perfect companion to cater to all of users’ daily on-the-go needs. With location central to everything, the Mobile Location Companion connects users to their friends on any social network, provides them with ratings, recommendations and reviews, finds the best deals, promotions and coupons and finally takes them anywhere they want to go with the best mobile navigation experience available today.

Telmap Web Companion provides an all-round location experience on the PC as well as on the mobile by being a central repository where users can manage all their digital locations. By fully synchronizing locations between the web and the Mobile Location Companion, Telmap Web Companion provides the web-to-mobile link that is crucial for an optimal user experience in today’s virtual world

Telmap Location Platform provides all the back-end services needed to create rich and compelling location-aware applications and services both for mobile and web. Through an extensive set of open APIs, 3rd party developers of mobile/web applications and services can leverage location to quickly and easily create a consistent and integrated location-aware experience for all users.

The meeting place for all things local, social, and relevant
Telmap Mobile Location Companion is your personalized companion, serving as your local guide, social portal, and personal concierge. Whether you’re catching up with your friends, looking for a great deal or searching for that elusive item, the Mobile Location Companion is there, focusing on you and what’s around you.

Telmap Mobile Location Companion is your guide to anything you need during your daily activities. All you need to do is to intuitively type whatever it is you need, and the Mobile Location Companion will search through all available content directories to provide you with a coherent set of options. You will always get the most local, relevant and therefore useful information available. Whether making dinner reservations in Berlin, or buying theater tickets in London, Telmap Mobile Location companion is there for you.

Telmap Mobile Location Companion is your gateway for to all social interactions. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, with Telmap Mobile Location Companion you can check in with all of your contacts through a single consistent interface. While driving, connect to the drivers’ community with Telmap Mobile Location Companion to get and share up-to-date information on mobile speed cameras, police traps, road incidents and traffic jams, ensuring a hassle-free navigation experience.

Relevant Retail Offers.
Telmap Mobile Location Companion presents new opportunities to generate revenue streams by providing end users with retail offers that are relevant to their location and personal preference through location- based advertising. By integrating with any 3rd party advertising engine the Mobile Location Companion can present users with highly contextualized, relevant and timely advertising and retail offers in the form of sponsored search results, branded POIs, banners, coupons and vouchers, creating enormous conversion potential. By considering user behavior, search history and profile information, ads and promotions can be highly targeted and engaging offering a variety of calls-for-action such as view details, click-to-call, browse, map, share with a friend, and even drive-to a location.

With Telmap Mobile Location Companion, exploring the world around you has never been simpler. Active Search™ provides location-relevant results with an intuitive single-line keyword search, wizard flow, fuzzy matching as well as local and relevant search results from multiple databases. By providing access to Local Content and Services, Active Search provides the most relevant, local and therefore useful information and services based on local culture, user profile and preferences. Vivid and smooth hi-resolution real-time maps come to life with clickable points of interest and on-map search while positioning by GPS, cellular network, or Wi-Fi makes sure you can always see where you are.

With Telmap Location Companion, sharing your personal experiences has never been easier. Engage with your buddies from all social networks; see what they have to say. Make your statement and share your location-aware thoughts directly from Telmap Location Companion with the touch of a button. Share your favorite places with friends via SMS or social networking sites. Be a part of your community; Create, Post and Share location-relevant User Generated Content. Report and share information on traffic, safety cameras, police traps and road incidents with other users, to create the most up-to-date information.

Shape the way you experience the world with Telmap’s Mobile Location Companion. Active Widgets™ let you personalize your on-screen on-the-go experience to best suit your preferences by arranging, activating and selecting from a wide variety of context-specific widgets. Real-time location and context-relevant retail offers deliver useful local information that’s personalized for you, as it is based on the current search term as well as past behavior. Telmap’s unique Active Interface™ GUI engine adapts content automatically to any mobile platform and device, ensuring a consistently superior graphic user experience.

Get there.
Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, Telmap uses its patented MOND™ technology to provide an optimal route that considers traffic, road incidents, and the user’s route preferences.
When driving, Telmap Location Companion provides the best in-car navigation experience available today with 3D moving maps, multi-lingual turn-by-turn directions with street names using text-to-speech, traffic and speed camera information and much more. When walking, a unique pedestrian experience optimally guides you by including pedestrian only areas such as parks, squares, passages, and stairs, tracking your progress as you walk.

Telmap Mobile Location Companion offers the following main features:
In-car Navigation
• High-end, full-featured navigation experience, with 3D moving maps providing turn-by-turn instructions using graphics, text and voice prompts that speak out street names using text-to-speech in several languages.
• Complete navigation information including overview map, route details and directions
• Full featured support for traffic information including alternative routes and safety cameras (where available)
• Up-to-date mapping and road information for accurate navigation.
• Proprietary MOND (Mobile Optimized Navigation Data) technology ensures seamless and continual guidance even when going off route without requiring a server connection. As a result the user is virtually independent of network failures and receives full functionality even on the slowest networks.
• Personalization using Telmap Active Widgets

Pedestrian Navigation
• Full-featured pedestrian mode navigation with moving maps, clear text instruction and sound prompts
• Route breadcrumbs for user orientation
• Seamless and continual guidance even when going off-route using MOND technology
• Personalization using Telmap Active Widgets

• Full mapping functionality using superior, print-quality maps
• Tiled maps
• On-map local search
• Fallback to network based location for user location map and local search when GPS is not available
• Personalization using Telmap Active Widgets

• Advanced search using Telmap Active Search
• Simple and intuitive using single-line free-form text entry
• Content-specific wizards guide users for additional input when needed
• Searches through all available data sources
• New data sources can be added without requiring a client update

• Access to real time information and dynamic content
• Proprietary technology allows dynamic deployment of any content, using any interface to all users without requiring a software upgrade
• Supports User Generated Content for up-to-the-minute information on traffic, safety cameras, police speed traps and more

Relevant Retail Offers
Telmap Mobile Location Companion provides end users with relevant retail offers through Location Based Advertising by integrating with a 3rd party ad server. Ads served can be based on the user’s current location and usage history and can support a single location (e.g. a specific restaurant) or a group of locations (e.g. a chain of restaurants) using the following methods:
• Display of banners in various application screens
• Sponsored search results
• Display of sponsored POIs on map screens with branded icons
• Display of branded icons as one of the “Nearby” categories in the Widgets carousel

Telmap Web Companion is a web application that complements the Mobile Location Companion to provide users an all-round location experience connecting the PC and mobile. It is a central repository where users can manage all their digital locations, and then synchronize them with their mobile. Telmap Web Companion provides full search, mapping, routing and sharing functionalities and can be integrated into operator’s web portal or act as a stand-alone branded web application.


• Full mapping functionality with tiled map technology, intuitive panning and zooming and on-map traffic display.
• Route planning lets you preview any route and view route instructions. Routes can be optimized for fastest or shortest.
• Easily save locations for later access in My Places both from within Telmap Web Companion or from other applications.
• Synchronize locations between Telmap Web Companion and Telmap Mobile Location Companion.
• Send locations by SMS or email - both to users and non-users of Telmap