Telmap Services

End to End Solution
Telmap facilitates the smooth launch of location based services through the company's ability to provide an end to end solution that spans both the technical side of providing a service and the business side of attracting subscribers.
Service Hosting
Porting and Customization
Billing & Content Integrations
Usage Analysis, Marketing & Support
Service Hosting
Telmap's Hosting Services maintain a redundant, high availability, multi-tiered, scalable and secured architecture. The multi-tiered model allows Telmap's Hosting Services to build a cost effective, secured, scalable and intelligent network, while maximizing the entire system performance. The services provide security and safety using automated fault recovery management, and include a web-based management console that integrates with leading systems management platforms. Monitoring traps and alarms based on configurable thresholds and event triggers measure and support SLA-based metrics for system uptime. Billing and report data feeds are available through the system along with a series of useful pre-determined and customizable usage reports.

Telmap's Hosting Services are located in safe, secure and redundant facilities managed by Savvis Inc. Internet Data Center in New Jersey. This facility is equipped with features such as 24x7 technical support, backups for power and critical systems, and advanced fire detection and suppression. Savvis Internet Data Center utilizes the most stringent security features, including video surveillance, by both visible and hidden cameras, motion sensors, biometric identification systems, controlled photo ID key-card access and 24-hour security-guard patrols.
Porting and Customization for Cross Platform Support
Mobile Location Based Services powered by Telmap run on over 500 devices on all major mobile platforms including BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Java, Windows Phone 7, Symbian and BREW.. Telmap Professional Services has developed proprietary tools and maintains a dedicated Device Certification Team to allow rapid porting and customization of the core product to comply with a wide variety of customer-specific requirements ensuring a rapid time-to-market. This is made possible through parallel code bases in C++ and Java maintained by Telmap to the same high standards of quality and code optimization. Each device that is a candidate for support is evaluated according to its resource profile and software and hardware specifications and then Telmap Mobile Location Companion is ported using the most appropriate code base – C++ for native implementations and Java for Java-only devices. For each, device specific optimizations are implemented to accommodate any resource constraints that may be present such as maximum jar size, available run-time memory and others.
Billing Integration
Telmap's platform can be integrated with virtually any operator billing system based on the varying parameters and requirements. With experience of more than 25 deployments and integrations with operators billing and provisioning components worldwide, Telmap has proven capabilities to implement any billing and provisioning related requirements from operators.

Content Integration and Aggregation
Telmap specializes in aggregation and delivery of content for Navigation and Location Management Systems in the wireless and internet arenas. Telmap provides a very rich local content environment to support a variety of assistance services such as traffic conditions, speed camera detection, business listings and travel guides. Wireless operators and service providers, who face one of their biggest challenges in the need to provide a variety of content to their subscribers, can benefit from the extensive list of third party premium content providers partnered with Telmap. Telmap gives its customers a competitive edge by allowing them to reduce costs while offering their subscribers the most up-to-date, accurate content. Data from new content providers can be easily integrated using a set of automatic platform tools that were designed to support quick and seamless integration of new data from different content providers, including private and custom layers delivered by Telmap customers/partners.

Usage Analysis and Business Intelligence
Transforming users’ data into business intelligence is key to mobile operators and third-party application developers. This business intelligence is used to develop a more proactive and targeted approach to customer satisfaction and retention incentives.
Telmap provides its partners with an advanced yet flexible interface to retrieve and view service and usage statistics and reports.
Several different types of user and usage reports can be issued on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Some of the user reports include, among others, number of active users per device, total users per device, and more. Some of the usage reports include average POI search per user, percentage of active users who made a search and more. As all usage details are being logged, it is possible to generate almost any service-related report using any valid combination of reference data.

Channel Marketing
A productive and successful partnership with mobile network carriers is at the heart of Telmap’s business strategy. Telmap supports its partners with a team of experienced marketing professionals who have developed a strong proven methodology and Go-To-Market programs and tools.

The Channel Marketing group has vast experience in working side-by-side with Telmap’s partners to create comprehensive marketing programs that ensures successful launches of new applications and services and maximal uptake.

The Channel Marketing team provides the following expert services:
• Analyze and research services and application in terms of usage data, to identify leading services and trends within specific user segmentation, regions, etc.
(e.g. what services are most used, where, what type of searches are users making, on which devices, etc…)
• Based on the above, define the proposition and packages to be included in go-to-market plans
• Create Go-To-Market strategies , tools and plans for given propositions
• Comprehensive training programs: create training programs and toolkits
• Monitoring activation and usage to ensure focused and effective marketing plans and promotions.
• Sell-through programs to increase usage and reduce churn based on service performance and analysis
• Establish the product/service brand identity when applicable
• Disseminate “lessons learned” and best practices within the customer and developers community

Support Services
Telmap offers its customers the most professional and timely support services according to a predefined SLA. This includes answering operator’s staff questions (tier-2 support) through discussion boards (web boards) and e-mails. Telmap periodically updates customer and developers’ community on the latest development and enhancements of Telmap mobile location services, Location Platform and development tools.