Location-Based Advertising

Telmap’s mobile location-based services present mobile operators with new opportunities to generate revenue streams through location-based advertising. By presenting users with highly contextualized, relevant and timely advertising and retail offers in the form of sponsored search results, branded POIs, banners, coupons and vouchers, creating enormous conversion potential. By considering user behavior, search history and profile information, ads and promotions can be highly targeted and engaging, offering a variety of calls-for-action such as view offer/business details, click-to-call, browse, map, share with a friend, and even drive-to a location. Telmap’s location-based advertising infrastructure was designed as a plug-in for easily integrating with operators’ ad-server.

Advertising on Telmap Mobile Location Companion enables:
- Mass market reach in specific geographies through one source
- Effective campaigns for both global and local brands Leveraging similar culture, and consumption behavior
- Seamless integration with local campaigns
- Great opportunity for ultra local coupons and vouchers
- Leveraging the power of community for recommendations, and viral marketing
- Providing the same technological common grounds and standards for advertisers, including reporting extensive capabilities

Search Based Advertising
In-app Display Advertising
Coupons and Vouchers
Sponsored search results
• Results are based on location and context generated from the search term
• Sponsored results are displayed above all other search results or provider

Banners are displayed in mapping, search and location details screens. All banners are contextual based on free search terms or categories and widgets selection. Ad include several call for actions: Click-to share, drive, walk, save, URL, call.

Nearby widgets
Brands can be offered as nearby widgets in the Telmap widgets carousel. Once selected, brand related points of interest appear on the map (branded pin). Branded nearby widgets can be added on the server at any time without a client upgrade.

Branded POIs along the route
Advertising is displayed during in-car navigation as alerting for POI along the route. Advertisements are based on current route according to a predefined elements such as distance from route or category. Users can either ignore the ad or select to drive to the advertised location.

Branded POIs on map
Sponsored locations are displayed on mapping screens. Supporting a new sponsored/branded layer on the map or replacing an existing one can be done on the server at any time without a client upgrade.
Voucher and coupons can be offered throughout the Mobile Location Companion on top of all advertising forms mentioned above. Advertisers have full flexibility in choosing who to present certain offers with (for example, displaying certain offers only to customers’ club members, only to people who searched for a specific term, etc.). Both vouchers and coupons can later on be redeemed at the point of sale.