Ultra Local Content and Services

Telmap believes that a truly valuable location-based-service is the one that provides end users with ultra-local content and services. Overall local content and services play a paramount role in Telmap's mission to enrich on-the-go experiences. Therefore, Telmap Mobile Location Companion is designed to be a guide to anything users need during their daily activities. It’s all about the most local, relevant and therefore useful information available.
By integrating a rich variety of local content and services, Telmap answers real life questions such as: "Where can I enjoy an inexpensive Japanese meal nearby?", "What movies are playing at the Odeon this week?", or "What is the weather forecast for the weekend?"
Ultra local content and services drive:

  • Enhanced exposure and service stickiness to both operators and content providers
  • Unique differentiation from ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions
  • Association between leading brands (operators and content providers)
  • Opportunities for cooperation, joint offerings, and up-sell of premium contents

    Please see the related content bar for detailed information on what’s available in each country.

    Places and Businesses
    Telmap offers a growing library of places and businesses in over a hundred categories covering tens of millions of locations in the business, family and daily life/leisure areas. The database is precise, detailed and continuously updated, helping users around the world find and make their way to millions of restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, gas stations, banks, and more, in their respective geographies.

    Festival and Event Guides
    Our festival and event guides in a variety of markets are updated on a daily basis. These are organized into several categories such as concerts, festivals, movies, sports, tours, art and museums, children, and more. Detailed information is provided on the event, venue, prices, dates and hours.

    Restaurant Guides
    Each market has its own trusted restaurant guide, which locals usually consult with before choosing a restaurant. Telmap makes sure it partners with the most trusted restaurant guides in each country or geography to make sure the Mobile Location Companion users have access to their trusted and familiar source for restaurants reviews and recommendations.

    Weather information is available worldwide with current conditions updated several times a day and 5-day forecast.

    Wi Fi Hot Spots
    Hundreds of thousand of Wi Fi Hot Spots in 130 countries covering over 650 ISPs.

    Travel Guides
    Telmap offers a variety of travel and city guides for locals, business travelers and tourists, offering information on anything from hotels and restaurants to golf courses and casinos in 2000 cities around the world. Details include full location information, contact information, extensive descriptions, attributes (air-conditioning, handicapped access), opening hours, pricing and more. Using these guides, Telmap Travelers can make the most educated decisions on where to go and what to do to suit their particular needs and desires.

    Specialty Guides and Services
    Telmap can offer specialty guides catering to a variety of niche markets for people with special interests such as gastronomy guides, luxury boutique hotels, wine tours, bicycle tours, city-specific bicycle rental stations, historical tours, B&B; for garden lovers and more.

    Bookings, Reservations and Micro-Payment Services
    Telmap goes beyond just providing users with information on what’s going on in their vicinity. It also helps them complete the exploration cycle with an option to book tickets, make restaurant and hotel reservations, pay for parking, and more, all within the mobile location companion.

    Real-time traffic updates
    In most markets Telmap is active at, the Mobile Location Companion includes real-time traffic updates, enabling users to take into consideration traffic jams and road incidents, when planning their on-the-go experiences.

    Speed cameras information
    In most markets Telmap is active at, the Mobile Location Companion will alert users when approaching speed cameras, for a smoother, hassle-free navigation.